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Introducing the Jobst Custom Order Form—a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and personalize the ordering process for custom-made products. This innovative tool provides a seamless experience for individuals seeking tailor-made garments, such as compression stockings or orthopedic supports. The Jobst Custom Order Form offers a user-friendly interface that allows customers to specify their unique measurements, preferences, and requirements with ease. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and an intuitive design, this form simplifies the customization journey, ensuring accurate and comfortable outcomes for each individual. Whether it’s enhancing circulation or providing targeted support, the Jobst Custom Order Form empowers customers to access bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Jobst Custom Order Form

Jobst is a renowned brand that specializes in manufacturing compression garments, particularly compression stockings. These garments are designed to provide therapeutic support and alleviate various leg-related conditions such as edema, deep vein thrombosis, and varicose veins.

To facilitate the customization process and ensure a perfect fit for their customers, Jobst offers a convenient tool called the “Jobst Custom Order Form.” This form serves as a crucial component in obtaining personalized compression stockings tailored to an individual’s unique measurements and requirements.

The table-based structure of the Jobst Custom Order Form allows users to input specific details for customization purposes. This form typically consists of several sections, including:

  • Patient Information: This section collects personal information about the wearer, such as their name, contact details, and relevant medical history.
  • Measurement Specifications: Here, precise measurements of the legs are recorded to ensure an accurate fit. Details include the circumference and length of various sections of the leg, such as the ankle, calf, knee, and thigh.
  • Compression Level: This part enables users to specify the desired compression level for their stockings. Different compression levels offer varying degrees of pressure to address specific medical conditions or preferences.
  • Style and Material: Customers can choose from a range of styles, colors, and materials for their compression stockings, allowing for both functionality and aesthetic preferences.

By utilizing the Jobst Custom Order Form, individuals can ensure that their compression stockings are tailor-made to meet their unique needs. This attention to detail enhances comfort, promotes effective therapy, and supports overall leg health.

Custom Order Form for Jobst

When it comes to custom order forms for Jobst, it is crucial to provide a seamless and efficient experience for customers. A well-designed form can make the ordering process easier and more convenient, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

One essential element of a custom order form is a structured table layout. By utilizing the table, thead, tbody, tr, th, and td tags in HTML, you can create a organized format that clearly presents the required information and options to customers.

Furthermore, using lists (ul, ol, li) can help break down complex information into easily digestible chunks. This can be particularly useful when providing options or instructions within the order form.

To ensure clarity, it’s important to use appropriate heading tags throughout the form. In this case, the preferred heading tag is

. By consistently employing this tag, you maintain a professional and consistent structure in your content, facilitating easy navigation for users.

Additionally, emphasizing important details can be achieved using the strong or em tags. These tags allow you to highlight specific instructions, terms, or any other relevant information that needs attention.

Lastly, incorporating the small tag can be beneficial for displaying additional notes or disclaimers regarding the order form or Jobst products.

Jobst Compression Stockings Custom Order


Jobst compression stockings are specialized garments designed to improve blood circulation and manage various conditions, such as venous insufficiency and edema. While Jobst offers a range of standard compression stockings, they also provide the option for custom orders. These customized stockings are tailored to meet individual needs and offer personalized benefits.

Benefits of Custom Orders:

  • Precise Fit: Custom orders ensure that Jobst compression stockings are perfectly fitted to the individual’s measurements. This personalized fit maximizes comfort and effectiveness in managing the specific condition.
  • Targeted Compression: Customized stockings allow for targeted compression in areas where it is most needed. By focusing on specific regions, such as the ankle or calf, they can provide optimal support and relief.
  • Complex Conditions: Some individuals may have unique requirements due to complex medical conditions. With custom orders, Jobst can accommodate these needs by tailoring the stockings to address specific challenges.
  • Style and Design: Jobst offers a variety of styles and colors for their custom compression stockings, allowing individuals to choose options that suit their preferences while ensuring functionality.

The Custom Ordering Process:

Ordering custom Jobst compression stockings typically involves the following steps:

  1. Medical Assessment: The first step is to consult with a healthcare professional who specializes in compression therapy. They will evaluate your condition and determine if custom stockings are necessary.
  2. Measurements: Accurate measurements of the affected limb(s) are taken to ensure the stockings fit properly and provide the desired level of compression.
  3. Prescription: A prescription is obtained from the healthcare professional, specifying the required compression level, length, and any additional features necessary for the custom order.
  4. Order Placement: The measurements and prescription details are provided to Jobst or an authorized retailer who will process the custom order.
  5. Fitting and Evaluation: Once the custom stockings are ready, they are fitted to ensure a proper fit and optimal functionality. Any adjustments or modifications can be made at this stage if necessary.

Custom orders for Jobst compression stockings offer tailored solutions for individuals requiring specialized support and relief. These custom-fit stockings improve comfort, target specific areas of concern, and accommodate complex conditions. By following the custom ordering process, individuals can obtain compression stockings uniquely designed to meet their therapeutic needs.

Creating a Custom Order Form for Jobst Products

When it comes to ordering Jobst products, having a custom order form can streamline the process and ensure accuracy. Jobst offers a wide range of compression garments and orthopedic supports that cater to various medical needs.

To create an effective custom order form, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the required fields: Identify the essential information needed from customers, such as name, contact details, product specifications, quantity, size, and any customization requirements.
  2. Design a clear layout: Utilize HTML table tags (table, thead, tbody, tr, th, td) to structure your form neatly. Organize the fields logically and consider using headings (th) to categorize different sections of the form.
  3. Add product options: Use lists (ul, ol, li) to display available Jobst products. Include relevant details like product codes, descriptions, and pricing to assist customers in making informed choices.
  4. Include instructions: Provide clear instructions or tooltips within the form to guide customers on how to fill out specific fields correctly. This helps prevent errors and ensures accurate orders.
  5. Add validation: Employ JavaScript or HTML5 form validation techniques to validate customer input in real-time. This helps catch errors before submission and improves user experience.
  6. Integrate submission functionality: Implement a submit button that triggers form submission. You can use a server-side script, such as PHP, to process the form data and send it to the appropriate department for further action.
  7. Consider accessibility: Ensure your form adheres to web accessibility standards, making it usable for individuals with disabilities. Use semantic markup and provide alternative text (alt) for images.

By following these guidelines, you can create a professional custom order form for Jobst products that enhances the ordering experience for customers and facilitates efficient processing of their requests.

Jobst Custom Order Request Form


The Jobst custom order request form is a specialized document used by individuals in need of custom-made compression garments. Jobst, a leading manufacturer of medical compression wear, offers this form to facilitate the process of ordering personalized garments that cater to specific patient needs.


The primary purpose of the Jobst custom order request form is to gather essential information from patients and healthcare professionals. This information helps Jobst in designing and producing compression garments that offer optimal fit, comfort, and therapeutic benefits.

Form Structure:

The form typically consists of several sections, including:

  • Patient Details: This section collects personal information about the patient, such as name, contact details, and relevant medical history.
  • Measurement Guidelines: Here, detailed instructions are provided on how to take accurate measurements for the custom garment.
  • Garment Specifications: This section allows the requester to specify the type of garment needed, such as stockings, sleeves, or wraps, along with additional requirements like compression level, color, and fabric preferences.
  • Additional Notes: This optional field provides an opportunity for patients or healthcare professionals to include any specific instructions or additional information relevant to the order.

Submission Process:

Once the form is completed, it is typically submitted through a designated channel specified by Jobst. This can involve mailing a physical copy of the form or submitting it electronically via Jobst’s website or email.

Importance of Customization:

Custom-made compression garments offer several advantages over standard-sized options. They ensure a precise fit, which is crucial for providing effective compression therapy. Customization also allows for accommodating unique patient needs, such as body shape irregularities or specific medical conditions.

The Jobst custom order request form plays a vital role in facilitating the creation of personalized compression garments. By collecting accurate patient information and specifications, Jobst can deliver high-quality products that cater to individual needs, enhancing comfort and therapeutic effectiveness.

Jobst Custom Garment Order Form

When it comes to custom compression garments, Jobst is a renowned and trusted brand. The Jobst Custom Garment Order Form plays a crucial role in facilitating the ordering process for these specialized garments.

Structured using HTML tags, the form incorporates various elements to ensure accurate customization and a seamless customer experience. The table element serves as the primary container for organizing different sections of the form.

The form begins with the thead element, which contains the table header. This section typically includes column headings such as “Item,” “Specifications,” and “Quantity.”

The tbody element follows, comprising the main body of the table. Each row of the table is represented by the tr element, containing individual cells denoted by the td element. These cells can be used for entering specific details such as garment measurements, style preferences, and color choices.

For important subsections within the form, the th element can be applied to create distinct headers. This assists in organizing and categorizing the information provided.

In situations where unordered (bullet) or ordered (numbered) lists are necessary, the ul and ol elements are employed, respectively. Each item within these lists is represented by the li element, ensuring clear and concise presentation.

Throughout the form, emphasis can be added using the strong and em elements. The strong element highlights text with significant importance, while the em element emphasizes words or phrases for emphasis or clarity.

Additionally, the small element can be utilized to present fine print or additional notes that may be relevant to the ordering process.

By adhering to professional formatting and utilizing these HTML elements effectively, the Jobst Custom Garment Order Form ensures a streamlined approach to custom compression garment orders, enhancing accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Jobst Custom Measurement Form

The Jobst Custom Measurement Form is a vital tool used in the field of medical compression therapy. It plays a crucial role in accurately measuring and fitting compression garments to address various vascular and lymphatic conditions, such as edema, varicose veins, and lymphedema.

The form consists of several sections that help healthcare professionals collect precise measurements for creating custom-made compression garments. These measurements are essential to ensure optimal fit and therapeutic effectiveness for each individual patient.

The table structure of the Jobst Custom Measurement Form allows for organized data collection. The form typically comprises a header section ( ) where key information about the patient is recorded, such as their name, date of measurement, and relevant medical history.

The body of the form ( ) contains multiple rows ( ), each representing a specific measurement point on the patient’s body. Within each row, there are cells ( ) that provide detailed instructions on how to measure that particular point accurately.

Additionally, the Jobst Custom Measurement Form may include sections where specific measurements for each body part are recorded, such as the circumference of the ankle, calf, thigh, and length measurements for various limb segments.

Using ordered (

    ) or unordered (
      ) lists within the form can further enhance its clarity and organization, ensuring that healthcare professionals follow a systematic approach when taking measurements.

      Overall, the Jobst Custom Measurement Form serves as a comprehensive guide for healthcare providers, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements for the creation of custom compression garments. Following this standardized process helps optimize patient outcomes and the overall effectiveness of compression therapy in managing vascular and lymphatic conditions.

      Jobst Custom Sizing Form

      Jobst custom sizing form is a specialized tool used in the field of compression therapy. It is designed to gather precise measurements for creating custom-fitted compression garments, such as stockings and sleeves. These garments are commonly prescribed for individuals with conditions like lymphedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and varicose veins.

      The form typically consists of various sections, including tables, headings, and input fields, to capture essential measurements. The table structure allows for organized presentation of data, ensuring accurate recording and interpretation. It often includes categories like leg length, ankle circumference, calf circumference, thigh circumference, and waist circumference, depending on the specific garment being measured.

      Using a Jobst custom sizing form is crucial in ensuring that compression garments fit properly and provide effective therapeutic benefits. Ill-fitting garments may not deliver the intended pressure gradient or offer adequate support, compromising their therapeutic efficacy. By gathering detailed measurements through this form, healthcare professionals can create customized garments that meet the unique needs of each patient.

      Accurate measurement is essential because compression therapy relies on applying graduated pressure to affected areas. The form’s structured layout, with headings denoting different body parts and associated values in respective cells, simplifies the process for both healthcare providers and patients. This systematic approach helps prevent errors and ensures consistency in measurements.

      Jobst, a well-known brand in compression therapy, emphasizes the importance of precise measurements to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes. Their custom sizing form plays a significant role in facilitating the customization process, allowing healthcare professionals to create tailored compression garments that effectively manage various vascular and lymphatic conditions.

      Jobst Made-to-Measure Order Form

      The Jobst Made-to-Measure Order Form is a crucial tool used in the medical industry to provide patients with custom-made compression garments. These garments are specifically designed to address certain medical conditions such as lymphedema, venous insufficiency, and other circulatory disorders.

      When it comes to treating these conditions effectively, off-the-shelf compression garments may not always provide the ideal fit or level of compression needed. This is where the Jobst Made-to-Measure Order Form becomes invaluable.

      Using the form, healthcare professionals can gather precise measurements from the patient, ensuring an accurate fit for their compression garment. The form typically includes sections for recording measurements, such as limb circumference, leg length, and ankle size. Additionally, it may include areas for specifying any additional requirements or modifications necessary to meet the patient’s unique needs.

      By capturing detailed measurements through this order form, Jobst can create compression garments that offer personalized support and optimal therapeutic benefits. The customization process involves crafting garments with precision, considering factors like the patient’s specific condition, lifestyle, and preferences.

      • Benefits:
        • Accurate measurements for a customized fit
        • Enhanced therapeutic effectiveness
        • Addressing individual patient needs
        • Improved comfort and compliance

      Jobst Custom Product Inquiry Form

      Jobst, a leading manufacturer of compression garments, offers a custom product inquiry form to cater to individual needs and preferences. This form allows customers to request personalized compression garments that are tailored to their specific measurements and requirements.

      The table below outlines the key features and benefits of the Jobst custom product inquiry form:

      Features Benefits
      1. Customized Measurements Ensures a precise fit for optimal comfort and effectiveness.
      2. Material Selection Allows customers to choose from a variety of materials that suit their preferences and medical needs.
      3. Compression Level Options Provides different compression levels to address various medical conditions and individual requirements.
      4. Styling Preferences Offers choices in color, design, and style, allowing customers to personalize their compression garments.
      5. Additional Notes Enables customers to provide specific instructions or additional information to ensure the desired customization.

      By filling out the Jobst custom product inquiry form, individuals can express their unique needs and receive compression garments that are tailor-made to provide maximum comfort, support, and therapeutic benefits.

      Overall, the Jobst custom product inquiry form serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking customized compression garments, empowering them to take an active role in their healthcare by obtaining products that meet their specific requirements.

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